What products do you use?

Anything and everything, from the pantry to the drugstore to the department store.

How did you determine your prices?

Makeup service is like an iceberg – for every hour I spend with a client, there are around three hours of prep/cleanup – so I’ve broken down labor, research, time, funds to purchase products and supplies, gas, driving time…

Are you endorsed or sponsored by anyone?

No, but I will always let you know if I was gifted a product or someone decides to start sending me free makeup.

Do you have formal training?

Yes. I’m certified by the International Council for Online Educational Standards, but I’ll let you in on a secret: the best training I’ve ever had is the 10 years of experience.

Where does the name “Electra Lane” come from?

It’s a street where I used to live.

How do I pay you?

Cash or PayPal

Should I tip?

Cash tips are never expected but always very appreciated as a way to say “thank you!” for a fantastic service, but you can also “tip” by emailing a testimonial (JYost.ElectraLane@gmail.com) that I can post and by telling everyone in person and online how great you felt about your experience.

Why should I hire you over the 9,352,316 other makeup artists in the area?

Check out my portfolio to see my work. If you like it, email me so we can get to know each other and see if what I offer would be a great fit – if not, I know lots of extremely talented artists! Not only can I paint your face, but I can teach you how to paint yours. I’ll give you an experience, not just a cookie-cutter “look” that I use on every client. And, real talk, my prices are extremely competitive.

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