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For all the alleged negatives surrounding social media, all that face time has made many people up their skincare and makeup games, which has forced skincare and makeup companies to create phenomenal products. Additionally, there’s a demand for social consciousness – sustainability, giving back, superior ingredients and humane testing practices – so if your company can crack that code, it will set itself apart in a beyond saturated industry.

Especially when it comes to skincare, I think there’s added pressure because, since we now are so aware that skin is our largest organ, folks are willing to pay a premium price for the good stuff. Not to sound hyperbolic, but

I have found the all-around, perfect skincare.

When I worked for La Mer, the vast majority of my clients are what I referred to as the “teachers and soccer moms” demographic – super hard-working women who had a ton of responsibility, not a ton of disposable income, and wanted to take excellent care of their skin by purchasing the best anti-ageing skincare they possibly could. So, they would purchase one ounce of La Mer and stretch it as long as they could; and their skin – and confidence – improved.

There’s plenty of conspiracy surrounding La Mer, but as a devotee for nearly seven years, nothing else works as well for my skin. Still, I realize it’s not for everyone, and I also realize this area isn’t where many want to spend their money. So, all things considered, I would like to introduce you to a beautiful company that checks all the boxes. Meet LXMI.

Derived from the pit of a nut from a plant that grows in the Nile Valley called Nilotica, this relative of shea butter has incredible restorative, healing and hydrating properties. LXMI (pronounced luxe-me) offers two moisturizing formulas – the Pure Nilotica Melt, a buttery “balm-to-oil” that sinks into skin without feeling greasy, and the Creme du Nil, aka Cream of the Nile, which is a lighter formula containing Nilotica and other delicious ingredients.

I’ve tried both products by purchasing travel sizes, and I ended up buying the full-size Creme du Nil to seal in my serums and potions at night. I’ll get the Pure Nilotica Melt for the cooler months as it’s marketed as a sleeping mask, but it’s a bit too heavy for me right now.

You might be thinking, “If this is so great, how come it isn’t widely available?” According to the website, Nilotica needs to be sourced in a sustainable matter (and that’s expensive), plus, it’s a newer company. The genius behind the brand is that they take care of the sourcing issue, as well as giving back to that community, by employing local women to harvest the Nilotica. I mean…LXMI’s official hashtag is #BeautyforHumanity. Wow.

So how much will it cost you?

$300? No. $100? Nope. For 1oz of the Pure Nilotica Melt, it’s $48; 1.2oz of the Creme du Nil is $58. It’s available through the LXMI website, as well as Sephora. I highly recommend stopping by the website, though, and read all about this brand, how great it is for your skin, and all of the good that it does for the women of Uganda.

In conclusion…

If you’re looking to elevate your skincare routine with a whole product that is good for your skin, good for the planet, and one that supports and empowers women, take the leap into LXMI.

Enjoy your weekend!  JY



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#QuickNEasy || Product Review

Sooo as a PR/Marketing person, I need to take a moment to say that maybe the whole campaign slogan,

“Are you a #QuickNEasy girl?”

has some…inappropriate…connotations, am I right? Like, I don’t think I would have gone with that one. But that’s the only negative I have about this line because it’s awesome.

I love solution-based products, and the Quick ‘N’ Easy Makeup kits from Charlotte Tilbury are just that. For $75, you get 4-5 deluxe sample and full-sized products and a cute makeup bag. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the kits, then share my take.

Natural Glow


The Natural Glow kit is the best value because you get five products, three of which are full-size. Add some concealer and brows, and this is a perfect everyday look for most skin tones.

Daytime Chic


Not really sure the purpose of this kit since it’s basically the same tones as Natural Glow, but you don’t get a lipstick (even though the beach stick is good for eyes/lips/cheeks), you only get two full-sized products (worth $67), and it’s the same price. I’d say skip this one.

Red Carpet Party



Another three full-sized products, but no mascara. Still a decent value because the lipstick, lip liner and eye pencil are $76 on their own.

Smokey Eye Evening


With three full-sized products worth $81, this is the second-best value, and it’s a great “desk to disco” kit, as Charlotte calls it.

My Thoughts

The true value of these kits is that they eliminate your need to think about what products to use, and the corresponding YouTube videos show you how to apply the products. These kits are a great intro to the line and, if you have some Christmas cash to burn, I would definitely take the Natural Glow kit. That said, while I adore Charlotte Tilbury products for the great ingredients and very high quality, you would still be in great shape viewing the videos and creating your own kits with products you already have.

Another option (that I own!) is the limited-edition Instant Look In a Palette. Also for $75, you get three eye shadows, two blushes, a bronzer and illuminator.


This is my go-to palette when I travel, and word on the street is she’s coming out with more shades.


Head over to Facebook to let me know what other products you would like reviewed, and have a great week!


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